Monday, April 13, 2020

COVID Emergency Powers for AB Govt

There have bene sweeping changes in the government and it's involved huge increase in powers. Specifically, Ministers can now make their own laws without a sunset clause. Sometimes you need to give governments more power in times of pandemics to enact change / decision making quicker. But this sounds like another abuse from the UCP govt.

This is the best explanation on it that i could find.

Ultimately, UCPs are doing what's best for themselves in the interim, knowing full well the legislation change would never would weight in the SCC.

Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID Calgary Resource

The best resource is straight from medical professionals and the government. Do'nt ever believe anything posted to social media. It's hard to sift through the AMOUNT of information right now, but it shouldn't be confusing where key info comes from. Trust the best data and info out there. Don't repost horrible advice, and flatten that curve.


AB govt


Govt of Canada

Monday, April 2, 2018

Downtown blue shoot YYC

Photo by Neil Zee. This type of shot is possible when there is an air inversion, warmer air stuck below (smoggy) and cooler air up above. Really cool shot.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Second Winter?

Found this gem on Reddit. We had a late snowfall this year, starting in December. It's made for a very snowy year. It's one of the snowiest in recent memory, and for some, ever. Accumulation has been a problem because we haven't had many chinooks. The annual snow budget is done for 2018, and it's only March! 

As many already know, in this city, you don't take off the winter tires until May long, which is late this year, the end of May. So hang on tight, lots of snow still to come. It's th eprice pay for a 'mild' Fall.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ducks Away!

Canada geese nest every year on U of C grounds. This year the Kines department set up some landing pads for the enormous jump goslings had to make. Awesome.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Flames Done

If you are a Calgary flames fan this season is done. What's interesting is we haven't heard very much from your subgroup after their debacle at the beginning of the season. THe public has slammed the group for trying to sway opinion polls to their favour, seeking billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for a new arena.

It would've help their cause if the team was a winner. Despite a team playing up to the cap, a great team "on paper", the season revealed huge deficiencies as they fell well short of their intended goal. There will be a number of off-season moves. Expect it. You can't be in their position, with the talent they have, or thought they had, and post the results they did.

Tough to be a fan in this city. But I guess we can wait until the fall until the season starts again in Oct where we can watch more Flames, and also the Calgary Stampeders lose another Grey cup final.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Fool me once....Stampeders Blow it Again

Nothing better for civic pride than the local sports squadron winning a Championship. For the second in as many years, the Calgary Stampeders literally tore defeat from the hands of victory in the last minute of the Championship game. These guys aren't closers. They aren't winners. THey aren't a 'dynasty'. The CFL is so small, that you can dominate regular season play as the Stamps have done, and never win the Grey Cup. Nobody celebrates runner up. DOn't know what that team does to improve, but they need some big game players that won't fold when all the marbles are laid out. Coaching too was suspect. TWICE folks. There's no sports analogy that I can think of that's similar to the debacle! Oh well. Luckily, the city moves on quite well. P.S. I'm a fan of not having a Grey Cup game in the middle of Winter. Just me?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nenshi for 3rd term

The Calgary civic election has come and gone and it's business as usual. Every incumbent councillor is back, including Johnny Jew. The race to watch, however, the one that got a voter turnout to a size we haven't seen in 30 years, that was the mayoral race. If you trusted the media leading up to the final week, you thought Bill Smith had a comfortable lead. But the media was duped. How much of that was intentional to shape the election, we'll never know, but it was fishy to me. The race in the end wasn't close. Or rather, it was close in that the margin of separation wasn't much. 51% for Nenshi, about 44% for Bill Smith. The interesting piece to the entire race was how hard conservatives worked to get their man in. It didn't matter Smith had zero platform. They were basing the entire race on character assassinations. A lot of people don't like Nenshi. The arrogance argument came up many times. Apparently being arrogant to the developers or even the Calgary Flames is bad for citizens. Which it's not. Which brings up another point, how much pie is on the face of the Calgary Flames. They've tainted their image in the eyes of many Calgarians because they tried very hard to meddle in the election get the outcome they wanted. They want a new building, they want it for free on the backs of taxpayers, and Calgarians showed up to say 'no'. Good job Calgary. I hope the conservative vote learned something.....a solid candidate with a smart platform would've won. The ad hominem attacks a la Republican style, didn't work here.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I hate kijii

Or rather I should say I hate 90% of people trying to buy things on Kijiji. Why is it that when you want to sell something that people are interested, 90% want more info but then never reply? I guess this is the nature of selling things on Internet. I get it. What I don't get is what's happening in this city when you agree to meet somebody but never show up. 75% of the people do this. Next time I'll just throw it all in the garbage. Unless you have an alternative?