Friday, February 25, 2011

Want lower tuition? Outsource it!

Seriously, I read this article from an economist and it made a bit of sense.

When we compare tshirts from 20 years ago and today we find we pay about the same (in fact less given inflation).

But tuition for universities has grown 7-20 fold depending where you go to school.

I'm not a fan.

But the question is why?!

Well part of it is outsourcing.

If you demand your walmart goods and cheap fast wait that's not it...... if you demand cheap goods like any product made in china, you want the lowest price.

The producers know this and they watn to deliver to make themselves competitive. That means lowest price points. Lowest price points means sending jobs/work to those who live with a lower standard of living (largest expense for any company is of course salary).

So pay the Chinese 2/hr vs. 18/hr in canada.

THen pass savings to you.

Universities need to maintain their quality teaching (let's assume quality) by paying their profs. Doesn't help they lose funding from government along the way.

So if it weren't for the globalization of all our products we'd be paying $50 bucks for a t shirt.............

I do'nt like where this is going....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sustainable Food Sources

Just watched Super Size me again last night.

Then this morning a great article from NY Times. ALL subsidies for food go to big fast food corporations. It's made Americans (and Canadians) dumb, fat, and unhealthy. It's also a waste of energy, a waste of resources, and inefficient.

We need to demand better from our politicians who regulate the food industry.

Take a read:

Some key elements mentioned:

* End government subsidies to processed food. We grow more corn for livestock and cars than for humans, and it’s subsidized by more than $3 billion annually; most of it is processed beyond recognition. The story is similar for other crops, including soy: 98 percent of soybean meal becomes livestock feed, while most soybean oil is used in processed foods. Meanwhile, the marketers of the junk food made from these crops receive tax write-offs for the costs of promoting their wares. Total agricultural subsidies in 2009 were around $16 billion, which would pay for a great many of the ideas that follow.

* Begin subsidies to those who produce and sell actual food for direct consumption. Small farmers and their employees need to make living wages. Markets — from super- to farmers’ — should be supported when they open in so-called food deserts and when they focus on real food rather than junk food. And, of course, we should immediately increase subsidies for school lunches so we can feed our youth more real food.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cost of Water Bottles?

It's steep. Everything from the scam marketers have places on bottle water 'necessity' at the expense of municipal tap sources to the degrading infrastructure of our water mains. It's not good. People have been tricked into believe bottled water is better at the expense of the average consumer (sya 99% of us). Yet less than 1% will reap massive profits from our stupidity.

STAY AWAY FORM BOTTLED WATER. Unless of course that's your only source of clean water, which for many it is. But you'd think Coke, who has the monopoly worldwide on bottled water, would stop trying to scam us at home. But I guess it's more about money rather than being a good neighbor.

5 degrading aspects of bottled water.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Whew, Metering Revisited

Well how about that, the internet was used to stop a bill metering internet.

Canadians were quick to respond, well actually it took more than a month, but over a quarter of a million people signed a petition against the proposed metering of internet bandwidth. The Conservative government sees this as an opportunity to get some brownie points with potential voters; they've intervened and asked the CRTC for a reason why they made the ruling to permit the oligopolies to charge what is essentially free bandwidth to consumers.

Looks like, for now, we're safe from being charged exorbitant fees like we have on our cell phones (from the very same companies I might add).

Great to see Canadians slowly losing their rediculous apathy too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's in Bed? Internet Metering

Remember parking meters? Put in some dimes for some time?

Well now the big billions dollar telecommunications giants in Canada want more of the pie. Despite earning millions upon million every year through our cell phones, tv, and phones (we pay the highest in the world for our cell phones, don't forget that) the likes of Bell, Rogers, and Telus, are combining to meter the internet. I know for sure the first two are working hard to get a bigger piece of the internet pie.

The problem is two fold.

On one hand the CRTC has instructed the oligopoly of telecommunications providers to allow competition. The problem, the competitors need to buy from the oligopoly. One of the problems in an age where people watch TV not on TV but on their computers, bandwidth deamdn increase.

The second level internet providers were actually giving unlimited bandwidth to their customers, or at a lower rate than the big giants. So they want a higher share.

But of course, it won't end there, it will move towards the point (already has with Bell) where everyone will be metered. Well technically we already are, but we haven't had to pay X amount more for tiered service.

This is an afront that the CRTC has caved to. The big giants want even bigger profits and they hate the fact people drop their phones and their TVs for internet. NDP and liberals are on board, but not conservatives. Let's see if they actually give a damn about Canadians.

Sign th epetition, almost half a million already!