Monday, December 12, 2011

Slow adoption rates will kill the hybrid car?

Alternative energy vehicles are the rage, in specific circles that is. For the normal consumer the appeal of 'Green' energy still doesn't displace the normal combustion engine. Some would chalk up the lack of willingness by car manufacturers to produce profitable hybrid cars in favour of the cheaper alternatives. Fact of the matter is manufacturers WILL support hybrid, their shareholders will keep them accountable to that, however, it deos have to make money. Gasoline guzzling engines will stop being produced on the assembly line as soon as a more profitable alternative is found (so there is an incentive to find that technology first). We the consumer also have to stop buying (voting with our purchases). In the meantime, the technology in the sub-industry will continue to expand, albeit at a slower pace ,one that mimics what the market dictates. I don't buy into the 'conspiracies' that companies are sitting on hybrid technology. If someone can make a cheap car that's reliable and doesn't use gas (or as much), then they'll win over the market in a big big way.