Friday, August 31, 2012

New Drunk Driving Levels in Alberta

New legislation makes it official pitting .05 as the new legal limit of blood alcohol to have in your bloodstream. The argument against is that social drinkers will now be targeted rather than repeat offenders or people who routinely take drunk driving seriously (as in you're clearly inebriated when you get behind the wheel.)

Others say any level of alcohol is too much (then why not zero tolerance?)

Fact is .05 HAS changed behaviours in this province. Why? People know that after 1, at most 2 pints they're at their max. Case in point, I know of someone just over 200 pounds, about 6"2, athletic build.  Even after taking a FULL meal, one pint, and then a second pint after the meal an hour and a half later, he blew over.

I'm all for keeping roads safe, so although this one is controversial, let's hope it actually makes a measurable difference in road safety.