Monday, July 14, 2014

Calgary 2014 Stampede Wraps

For a July (which is a Summer month), this one was to remember (at least up to this point). Last year only 1 or 2 days above 30 degrees. This July? SUnny skies nearly every single day. Limited rain in June. That means a lot of happy people hanging out in the streets. More neighborhood parties, more people going to the mountains, and also lots of people heading to the Stampede. If you're from Calgary then you do one of three things during the 'Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth'. 1) You leave the city, 2) you do all the Stampede events, 3) you say you're not going but then you cave and head to eat the scorpion pizza. The events from rodeo to the midway to the games to the chucks to the grandstand show attract millions. There's millions of dollars to be won and free food (not on the grounds!) in those delightful tiny wieners and pancakes. The city really does transform as I was taking in this year. People really do wear way more denim and cowboy hats. It's nice to see how folks gather around a particular event and take in its identity. Some take it way too far, but most genuinely have a great time in the sunshine. Cheers to good weather for the remainder of Summer! Yahoo!