Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GC100 & Bust

Grey Cup 100 has come and gone and we're left with the pieces of a great week but a terrible game. The Stampeders didn't leave it on the field, they left it all int he dressing room. Admittedly, few thought they'd make it that far but the show they put on, against the laughing stock of sports franchises in this country Toronto, makes it a tough pill to swallow.

But luckily CFL is not like NHL and most people recover pretty quick. It definitely helps that when it comes to recovery, the Mayor of Toronto (or rather former mayor) helped Calgarians out. With his hilarious off-field pre-game antics include the 'phantom' tackle and stomping on the Stampeder jersey, Ford is now OUT and we are left with Nenshi who's busy working for the city and figuring out how to spend out monies.

I'll take a solid mayor over a Grey Cup any day.