Monday, October 8, 2012

Parking Woes in YYC

Collier's International, which is a realestate firm in North America, released a report that pits Calgary as the second most expensive city for metropolitan parking. Calgary is second only to New York City. You know the place, the Big Apple, bright lights, the clash of culture, the concrete jungle of awesome. Calgary on the other hand, the meandering sleeping city who's core shuts down at 4 PM on a Friday afternoon, yea, we have the second highest cost for parking. The majority of that cost is both short term solutions, and of course the dreaded monthly parking if you so desired to be among the elite driving into downtown on any given day. Crazy to say the least. Albeit, we've increased modestly over the past year, it's still a dubious distinction.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Are things getting worse?

Unemployment in Calgary increased by .1 of a percent in September. Condo markets in Toronto are collapsing. Vancouver is seeing real estate slow by 60%. Will Calgary follow suit? The city where Quality of Life was measured as among the highest in Canada also has its foibles ranging from almost the highest parking costs in the CONTINENT, and stagnant housing prices (stagnantly high).

The slow process of 'getting worse' may be trickling down in this fair city.....