Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's in Bed? Internet Metering

Remember parking meters? Put in some dimes for some time?

Well now the big billions dollar telecommunications giants in Canada want more of the pie. Despite earning millions upon million every year through our cell phones, tv, and phones (we pay the highest in the world for our cell phones, don't forget that) the likes of Bell, Rogers, and Telus, are combining to meter the internet. I know for sure the first two are working hard to get a bigger piece of the internet pie.

The problem is two fold.

On one hand the CRTC has instructed the oligopoly of telecommunications providers to allow competition. The problem, the competitors need to buy from the oligopoly. One of the problems in an age where people watch TV not on TV but on their computers, bandwidth deamdn increase.

The second level internet providers were actually giving unlimited bandwidth to their customers, or at a lower rate than the big giants. So they want a higher share.

But of course, it won't end there, it will move towards the point (already has with Bell) where everyone will be metered. Well technically we already are, but we haven't had to pay X amount more for tiered service.

This is an afront that the CRTC has caved to. The big giants want even bigger profits and they hate the fact people drop their phones and their TVs for internet. NDP and liberals are on board, but not conservatives. Let's see if they actually give a damn about Canadians.

Sign th epetition, almost half a million already!


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