Monday, September 22, 2014

YYC Snowgeddon

The crack of dawn it was the smoke alarm that woke me up. The power of the note for who knows how long and it was beeping to let me know. Take a quick look outside because I realize it was a little too quiet. It was dark out there as it was inside. Immediately I noticed there was a problem, snow is falling but not only that it was a wet and heavy snow. Take me only an instant to realize that they have a snow is bending trees and there was damage already at five in the morning. Quickly putting on my snow pants and jacket, the work to save trees began in earnest lasting until noon. Entire neighborhoods lost significant tree cover, especially older neighborhoods, as Calgarians woke up to Snowgeddon 2014. The trees still have their leaves so the accumulating snow just toppled mature branches. Damage to trees alone is hard to estimate, but we'll be cleaning this one up for a month.