Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nenshi Again

If you're a fan then things only get better. If you're not a fan, which is a vocal minority, like the suburban developers, then you won't really care.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nenshi in Landslide

Did you vote? Chances are you didn't. 6 out of 10 eligible voters didn't get out. Not that it would've made a difference. Having said that, if the entire readership of the Calgary Sun actually voted things might be different, but alas, they don't (plus how reads the Sun nowadays anyways?)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Post flooding Calgary 2013

But with devastation there's a will to get back to normal. Although stampede had the best resources available to get ready, they still made it in time.

Calgary post flood pics 2013

Memorial drive underwater. Flooded every house to the ridge.
The train tracks from the C Train bent out of shape. The tracks were back up in running in under 2 week.s

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Calgary Flooding pics 2013

10 st bridge on the Friday near the height of the flood. The river flow as a mere couple hundred cubic meters/second less than Niagara Falls..... The water is usually 20+ feet lower than what you see.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alberta Floods Devastate Calgary and high River

It's the week of June 17th. The rains have been relentless. The snowmelt in the mountains above in the Rockies is starting to seep and flow into the rivers. This coupled with unprecedented rainfall combined for a perfect storm for a flooding disaster. The rivers swelled, and the cities built on floodplains (Calgary being the largest, High River taking the greatest devastation) were hit hard. 100000 people displaced in Calgary. Shockingly most of the displaced were housed both in High River and Calgary by friends, family, and strangers. The community combined for unprecedented response. Flooded areas, rich (it's hard to help someone who's cleaning off 10,000 bottles of wine to keep from their basement when there's a poor family next door, but people did it!) and poor were hit the same. Bowness, Sunnyside, Elbow Park, all underwater (high river too). A week after the rains subsided all but high river were saved. In fact, under two weeks later the Calgary Stampede, that was entirely underwater, opened for guests. The city has prevailed, but the question looms, how will we approach the prospect (certainty) of future flooding? No more building? Flood mitigation plans? And how much will that cost? And what is the cost of our current environmental impact on future flooding?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snowden and Whistleblowers - America's Travesty

Republicans for their part a bit strange. They want less government but also highly praise expansive military pursuits. NSA was given legs under Bush and pretty much approved under Obama. Turns out they're spying on EVERYONE. Interestingly, not much coming out of Canada, and you have to be essentially assured that if France, Germany, all those Euro zones, were being targeted, Canada was being watched by the NSA, and CSIS is undoubtedly in the mix. Scary to know nothing is sacred.....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Calgary Ships Off NHL Star

NHL is a big deal in Canada. Stars made in Canada and playing on a Canadian team not only face extra scrutiny, but they also reap greater fame (or notoriety). Calgary traded away their face of the franchise for over a decade after finally facing the facts they couldn't build a competent team around the leagues' greatest RW in the past decade (and one of the top goalie's as well). Too bad, there were a lot of mixed emotions upon announcement (Iginla is not Pittsburgh's gain). Time will heal this wound for sure, after all, it's just professional sports and the trail of a million dollar player. But it still has huge impact on a city who's hockey team had little more than Iggy. For more:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bitumen Bubble is a Bitumen

Redford and company are using the term 'bitumen bubble' to describe the eventual fiscal overruns we'll see that will amount into the billions. Forget about slowing spending, the blame for the budget shortfall is the market....Funny that the Conservatives, of all people, would be caught with a spending problem. That's certainly fodder for the Wildrose, whom have never governed, but have a plethora of ideas on how to fix this and that. At least there is a vocal opposition for a chance. As for the budget shortfall, ALberta is starting to feel the pinch like pretty much every other province. We may still have more jobs and temporarily stronger housing market, but the reality is, as with almost every Conservative politician, there's talk about savings but everyone operates in a short-term framework of what they need to do to survive the next election. The worst part about the whole thing is that within a mere couple of years the entire legacy of the province could be trashed, it's no longer debt free, and the savings initiatives for future generations is in the backseat---way in the back.