Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Distracted Drivers Bill 16 Hits the Streets

After a year of warning the Alberta Government's Bill 16 - the Distracted Drivers law, has come into full effect. From now on you can't so much as fart without the risk of getting a ticket. Although the research / correlation between this form of law and actual decreases in collisions is spotty, Alberta is the last among the provinces to introduce it. So what can you do or not do? Pretty much everything that has to do with electronics in your hand. Here's a PDF of what's included (and yes, cyclists are included). Also from a lawyer in calgary. I can't say that I'm agains the law, I suppose I'm not one to reject big government in all of my business, especially when it means the dumb kids (and adults) texting while driving will get a ticket (On the phone I can't quite understand, and makeup, come on, if I want to get dressed in my car.......)