Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brutal records on environment

It's oil rich Alberta, we all get that, but I still shake my head when it comes to the lack of policy and action on the environment.

Too bad the Evergreens won't win a seat and no more than 5% of popular vote. We could use a voice from the opposite end of the spectrum if only to challenge positions that opt for industry over environment and long term sustainability.

WRP has no policy. Well they do, but it's weak. You also have to shake your head at any political party that completely rejects any notion of global warming. I get the conspiracy theorists are out there, but the scientific community is pretty tight on this one.

All in all, enviro will lose, again. Which sucks. But at least we'll get revenue share cheques in the mail that we can blow on beer and steaks.

What matters most in an election?

The war of words has heated up. The WRP seem to be using Republican style tactics in their messaging, and heck, their platform as well. But this is Alberta and quite frankly that works for many. It will be interesting to see where people fall on election day. The WRP have garnered some momentum, but people I've talked to don't like the whole package. Apart from the fact they 've never governed, there's fragmentation within the party. Is it OK for a few of their candidates to publicly chastise homosexuality? Or is that OK for an elected official? PC aren't immune either, they're in panic mode trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding. Overall the leadership in the PC is the strongest, but we're also talking about a government that's used to winning and everyon nkows, where you settle, there you die. Alberta is going to get a change, we need a change, but some are left worried about how much of a change it will be. I for one don't want to be propelled into the the 70s with old thinking because rural Alberta hates the interweb.