Monday, October 19, 2015

Uber to Calgary

Ridesharing service Uber is trying to make inroads in Calgary. The only problem? The taxi commission. Taxis basically run the town when it comes to their services. On one hand it's because taxi medallions are pretty petty and to lose that exclusivity means many people who rely on this investment may lose it all. On the other hand, taxes are both expensive and in high demand periods they aren't available. It doesn't help matters that there are routine stories of for taxi service. In comes Uber, which for most major cities in North America the Service is no problem. For some reason they run up against a wall in Calgary. The City is trying to enforce their taxi bylaws and are behind the eight ball when it comes to innovating their policies. They are trying to figure out a way to accommodate the new service which at this point seems to be unstoppable. It's going to roll out in the city is just a matter of what kind of policies will be in place to govern. Insurance doesn't seem to be a problem because Uber drivers are required to hold a certain level of insurance and Uber themselves has over two and a half times the required minimum of insurance coverage. One things for sure, consumers will demand a Service that ends up being cheaper any be readily available in comparison to the existing taxi system. The flip side of this or the Uber Driver themselves. Although may seem attractive at first to become a driver, for the the most part there suggest you can't make an honest living by driving alone. The costs are too high and the Commission is too low.