Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CalgaryNext and public dollars for private arenas

I've been loosely following the talk about building a new Saddledome, and although I love the vision (the West end development), I don't like the price tag for tax payers. I also don't like the fact billionaire owners are pressuring the City and fans to make a choice to essentially donate public dollars to the private profit maximizing corporation. I'm all for some fair deal that will see the team build their new arena. I'm not in favour of giving them handouts no other corporation gets just because they're loved by the city. Sure, there is an intangible benefit, but I don't for a second think public money for sports arenas makes any sense. In fact, the evidence proves otherwise, municipalities that poney up funds to build someone else's building always end up losing in the end, and it's by hundreds of millions of dollars. Although my heart says yes, the reality says no. Probably the best article on this topic came out recently here: https://flamesnation.ca/2017/05/01/two-years-in-still-no-critical-thought-of-new-arena-project/ Have a look.

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